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David Cochran has had numerous books and articles published. 

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David Cochran's Published Books  

            Getting Things Done                                             Fruition Publications                     1981

            Yearning, Learning, Earning and Returning      Fruition Publications                     1982

            By Grace through Faith                                        Blawenburg Reformed Church    1982

            Improving Your Memory                                      Fruition Publications                     1983

            Macintosh Quick Start                                          South-Western Publishing            1992

            HyperStudio Quick Course                                  South-Western Publishing            1994

            HyperStudio Express - Mac                                 Glenco/McGraw Hill                       1996

            HyperStudio Express - Windows                        Glenco/McGraw Hill                       1996

            HyperStudio and the Internet                             Fruition Publications                     1998

            HyperStudio Express, Version 3.1                      Glenco/McGraw Hill                       1999

            Blawenburg Reformed Church 1832-2007        Blawenburg Reformed Church    2007

            Stuff: Ajax Bigelow's Science Journal                  Bookbaby                                        2015

            Where Are They?                                                    BookWriterCorner                         2023

"David Cochran is a wonderful writer."


- Ann W

David Cochran's Published Articles

Knispel, Randy, Lake Suzanne, Lemli, Anton, and Cochran, David. 

"Project Possible Attacks and Impossible Situation," The Science Teacher. 41(8), November 1974.

Cochran, David W. and Tuckman, Bruce.

"A Comparison of Regular and Open Classroom Process." Glasgow, Journal of Curriculum Studies, Vol. 9, No 1, 1976, p. 61-70.

Cochran, David W. and Ondrejack, Lawrence J. 

"Advice of a Sage: An Interview with Ron Doll." Educational Leadership, 1980.

Cochran, David W.

"Blawenburg Reformed Church Celebrates Its 150th Birthday," Princeton Magazine, May 1982.

Cochran, David W.

"Put Your Time to Work," Circle K Magazine, October 1982.

Cochran, David W.

"A Musical Gift from the Past to the Present," Princeton Magazine, December 1982.

Cochran, David W.

"An End to Inaction," Circle K Magazine, October 1983.

Cochran, David W.

"The new Bloom's: Develop higher order thinking skills with creativity tools." Creative Educator, 1(2), 14-16, 2007.

Cochran, David W.

"The Shoelace King," The Storyteller, September 2007

Cochran, David W.

"Keeping our Cup of Time from Running Over," Creative Educator. 1(3), 2007.


Cochran, D., Conklin, J., Modin, S.

(2007).  A new Bloom: Transforming learning. Leading and Learning with Technology, 34(5), 22-25.


Cochran, D., Conklin, J., Modin, S.

(2007). The New Bloom: Transforming Learning. Output: The Educational Computing Organization of Ontario, 27(3), 14-16.

Cochran, David W. and Richwine, Patricia A. 

"Enriched Studies with Internet Resources," The New Jersey Journal of Literacy, Vol. 1, No. 2, Fall 2007.

Cochran, David W.

"Universal Design for Learning, Reaching All Students with Digital Media," Creative Educator, Fall 2008.

Cochran, David W.

"Opportunities Abound, Capitalizing on the Needs of Special Needs Students," Creative Educator, Fall 2009

Cochran, David. W.

"Connecting Curricula for Deeper Understanding, The Case for an Interdisciplinary Approach." Creative Educator, 2013.

Cochran, David W. 

"This Story Has a Certain Ring to It," The Montgomery News, October 2016.  Reprinted in Tales of Blawenburg Blog, March 2020.

Cochran, Dave

"Blawenburg Church Celebrates 190th Anniversary." The Montgomery News. March 2022.

Cochran, Dave. Glimpse of the Past.

"The End of the Mercer & Somerset Railroad." The Montgomery News, July 2022.

Cochran, David

"Boy Scout Troop 46, Serving Youth for 90 Years." The Montgomery News, July 2023.

Cochran, David. "The Case of the Missing Windmill." The Montgomery News, August 2023.

Cochran, David. "A Quiet Place for Meditation, Prayer, and Reflection." The Montgomery News, November 2023

Cochran, David. "Blawenburg Band, Since 1890, Strong as Ever." The Montgomery News, December 2023.

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